Okay, so I’ve moved to Central Louisiana with my dad for the summer. There is absolutely nothing, I mean nothing to do here. Plus, the nearest Waffle House is 80+ miles away so there’s that. In the past month that I’ve been here, I have been super consistent with my gym visits as it has become a refuge in all this desolation. I go at least 5 times a week and roughly around the same time that my work schedule permits. I even bought a program from one of my favorite trainers on IG (@followthelita, thank me later) that has progressed my toning and training immensely.

Now, mind you, my life of fitness began by me trying to be at the tail of my last boyfriend 24/7. Yeah, I was interested in shedding a few pounds but more interested in seeing him sweat. After we broke up, I continued to inconsistently have spurts of trying to be fit in the midst of all the heartache that accompanies a bad breakup until I met my next love, yoga. It wasn’t hard to create a habit of practicing my asanas as it had a way of sedating me, at least for a little while, from whatever was afflicting me at the time.

In the following months, by simply trying to maintain my mental health I was able to better my physical health. The new tricks I’d learned and flexibility I acquired was just another plus. I honestly didn’t notice my body changing until after I started recording my practice to critique myself and progress. My parents and grandparents gave me so much shit about the weight I had supposedly lost, claiming that I had stopped eating which was kind of true. That was mostly because for a pescetarian on a small college campus there aren’t too many options so after a certain point in the last semester, I stopped trying to find it. lol.

Anyways, I had to get them off my back and was curious as to what else my body could morph and shape into. When I first started back in the gym, I just tried to recall the exercises my ex pushed down my throat. Those quickly got boring and annoying because of the bittersweet taste that somehow managed its way in the back of my mouth. Though with the help of IG and Pinterest and some odd women’s workout pages (an explanation for another post, smh) I gained a rapport of workouts to alternate and build upon.

All this being said, I honestly thought I looked a fool in the gym. With every exercise I attempted, I felt judging eyes of whispering, “Lol, look at her. Does she think that that is really the way to do that?”. Now of course, in reality, nobody was worried about me while drowning in their own pool of sweat. Or so I thought…. One day this lady that I had seen a few times in the gym before approached me and started asking me about my shoes. “How do you like those to lift in? My husband swears by New Balances but I really like my Nike but I tried it to appease him.” I’m standing there, not sure if my facial expression revealed how dumbfounded I truly was.

I wasn’t sure how to answer her as I just had on my track shoes from the 11th grade. They are simply my most comfortable sneakers, probably from 4-5 years of wear and tear. But with that, I realized the significance of my journey and how until now I was wandering blindfolded and picking and choosing what I liked based on how I felt about it. I wanted to start to document and understand my journey a little more in depth than the pictures and videos that I took every now and again. And what better place to do it than my blog huh? So bear with me as I continue to learn about fitness with a lil something extra splashed in every now and again. Be gentle with me y’all but not too gentle, I’m all for constructive criticism!