Black Gold

I am brown.

Open your eyes to the dark cocoa that lay claim on my skin.

The kind of succulence that glows and glistens in the face of the sun.

I am an ebony goddess.

Watch the effortless way my hips weave webs of power in their rotation.

The fullness of my lips swell with a quaint humility that captivates a crowd.

You can’t miss the chisel of my jawline, strong enough to slice diamonds.

My eyes, a deep chestnut, are a hidden treasure, only revealing their true nature to a select few.

My tightly coiled tresses that proudly defy gravity stand high with incomparable might. 

Listen, carefully listen, to the High Priestess reminisce on my soul, like hers, cultivated of gold.

Step into my world, I am a mahogany Queen.

Flock on while I reign supreme.

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