Nietzsche or nah?

I don’t like to allow myself to indulge in my thoughts too often for too long, especially after taking an Existentialism class. After a while my thought pattern gets existential and I tend to overwhelm myself with questions that I’ll probably never know the answer to. Since I know that I always come to this conclusion, as my mind continues to ask the various questions I begin to feel my demeanor weaken. Any glee that’s idly within me begins to quickly fade replacing itself with its somber opposite because as in human nature, we simply do not like the unknown.

So do I mope around with knowledge of being hopelessly ignorant or do I blissfully go about my day not caring enough to ponder the what it means to be alive? Not only alive but alive with the ability to somewhat choose my fate. Unlike, a plant whose sole purpose of living is photosynthesis. So why are we here?

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