Because My Black Is Beautiful

I recently saw someone on twitter post, “I swear y’all kill me with the “Black is beautiful” and “Black girls rock” bullshit. WOMEN are beautiful.Not just y’all.”….. And now begins my black feminist rant.

Yes, agreed, women as a whole are beautiful, graceful, and majestic creatures. Especially when you think of the biology of how our bodies work and how we can connect with one another higher than a social level and how we can produce life. But when a certain group of women are discriminated against for so long there is bound to be a movement such as this one. Not to be cliché but this dates all the way back to slavery times. Women of color were rated by how close their skin was to their masters. Even later into the Civil Rights Era, darker women were frowned upon for not having the long, flowing tendrils of other races and for not possessing smaller lips or noses. But for what? Who says that small facial features equates beauty? It’s not to brag on the smooth, mahogany skin we are blessed with but it’s to show women and girls that haven’t realized their worth that they too are fucking beautiful. It’s to show that 10 year old that she doesn’t need straighten her curly tresses to be as beautiful as the next. It’s to show that 32 year old woman that’s it’s not necessary for her to bleach her skin in order to find peace within her self. Self hatred does not derive from itself. Black women wouldn’t have to compare themselves to other women nothing like them if people would not claim they aren’t as beautiful. I’ve seen so many posts on multiple social media websites dehumanizing dark skinned women, even mostly by others in the black community. And you expect us to sit and accept it? Fuck that, I’ll shout it from the rooftops until my lungs give because MY BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL! I love my nappy hair. I love my big lips and the curves in my hips. Don’t try to disrespect and tear me down then act confused when I don’t accept it. Not anymore.

2 thoughts on “Because My Black Is Beautiful

  1. I love this! I totally agree! As an adult I’ve definitely been feeling more prideful in my black skin and I feel the need to celebrate that as often as I can! Great post 🙂

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