Warning: A Sappy, Sentimental Band Nerd Post

Before I start this blog post, I have to give a kind of background and influence music has had in my life. I’ve been involved in it my whole life, my mom was one to keep us involved in extracurricular activities in an effort to make us well rounded. So I’ve been in band, orchestra, and chorus at least once throughout my secondary education. I’ve played 5 instruments but my main, my baby was my upright bass. I’ve played it since I was in 6th grade until now (college freshman).

Yesterday, my friends and I were sitting in my car and listening to music. We spend a lot of time in my car so we have a system since we all have varying tastes when it comes to good music and each person gets to choose a song to listen to. Well it was my turn and I chose ‘I Will Wait’ by Mumford and Sons and since it was on YouTube, the video was playing.

As I’m sitting here, listening to the song, all I can hear is the smooth vibrato of an upright. And I find myself not in the car but in my high school auditorium, waiting for my cue to begin playing my favorite song in the orchestra for the play of Thoroughly Modern Millie. I find myself on a Friday night on the field during my first halftime show, where I played a solo on an instrument that I had just learned two weeks before. I find myself on stage as the only string player in my district’s honor band ever. I find myself in eighth grade, in Mrs. Chowdhuri’s orchestra room auditioning for Advanced Orchestra.

Before you know it, there are tears. I was overwhelmed because those experiences may have been the best experiences of my life because it was something I LOVED doing and may never experience again. I broke so many barriers, so many people told me no and I was not phased or hindered. I remember at one point of my high school career, I was told I couldn’t play my bass anymore and was to pick a new instrument but I fought through.

My music, is my proudest achievement. Higher than my college scholarships, higher than graduating high school because I can honestly say I gave my all to it. There is nothing to compare to when I have Esperanza (My bass, named after Esperanza Spalding of course) in my arms and I’m doing what I love.

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