Ain’t No Feeling Like Being Free.

I recently went through a final break up of my first real relationship. We dated for three years and truthfully it wasn’t the first time I’d contemplated doing it. Mostly because I’m young, way too young to be married literally, emotionally ,and mentally.

I went to see him for the first time in 3 months because of circumstances unrelated to our relationship but was taking a large toll on it. And that weekend, that I’ve experienced so many times in our three years, felt brand new. It was so different than any other time and I couldn’t figure out why until I came back home. In the small time span of three months that I decided to separate him and myself, I grew. It wasn’t prevalent before my visit but I know that I have changed and it feels as if I’ve been released from the control of someone way too emotionally unstable to be in control of someone else.

It’s so crazy how something that is such a big part of your life can be reduced to a minuscule scale once you allow it to. At one point, I couldn’t go five minutes without thinking about him and now, he just seems like a page that’s too far back to worry about…

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